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Dollhouses - Shell Kits

Dollhouse Shell Kits in 1" and 1/2" Scale

Georgian Style
Colonial Style
Victorian Style

Each of these 3 shell kits are available in 1" scale and 1/2" scale.

Inspired by the popularity of the styles in the 3-In-l dollhouse Plan Book (p. 25) , these unfinished shell kits from Houseworks and Real Good Toys are the answer for those who do not want to build from scratch. These kits provide all the basic pieces for the house in the scale and period of your choice, yet leave room for your creativity in building and finishing. The houses shown above were finished by Houseworks' miniaturists and are meant as a starting point to unleashing your imagination. Component sets, with our selection of doors, windows, trim, siding, shingles and much more also available. The component sets even include a copy of the 3-In-l Dollhouse Plan Book to give you more ideas and information.

These front and top-opening shell kits are constructed of pre-cut 3/8" cabinet-grade plywood and include step- by-step instructions. They all have movable room dividers to make up to 9-11 rooms. The wooden backs are solid (no windows or doors), so these dollhouse fit nicely against a wall.

A. HW4202 33"W x 331/4"H x 21 1/2"D 1" Scale Georgian Shell Kit
B. HW4101 33"W x 331/4"H x 16"D 1" Scale Colonial Shell Kit
A. HWH1002 33"W x 16 5/8"H x 11 1/4"D 1/2" Scale Georgian Shell Kit
B. HWH1003 33"W x 16 5/8"H x 8"D 1/2" Scale Colonial Shell Kit
C. HWH1001 33"W x 16 5/8"H x 11 1/4"D 1/2" Scale Victorian Shell Kit
A. HW4202K 1" Scale Georgian Component Set
B. HW4101K 1" Scale Colonial Component Set
A. HWH1002K 1/2" Scale Georgian Component Set
B. HWH1003K 1/2" Scale Colonial Component Set
C. HWH1001K 1/2" Scale Victorian Component Set
* All prices and products subject to change without notice.

1/2" Scale is also known as Houseworks H-Scale and 1/24" scale. In 1" scale, 1"equals 1'; in 1/2" scale, 1/2" equals 1'. Houseworks 1" and 1/2" scale products represent the highest level of quality and detail available.

See Also 1/2" Scale Components 1 - 2

HW9001 46"W x36"H x 28"D 1" Scale Thornhill Shell Kit
HWH9001 33"W x 16 5/8"H x 11 1/4"D 1/2" Scale Thornhill Shell Kit
HW9002 1" Scale Thornhill Component Set
HWH9002 1/2" Scale Thornhill Component Set


This Federal-style unfinished shell kit, with 14 rooms, features one of the most spacious interiors available in a dollhouse! Available in 1" and 1/2" scale, both kits feature:

  • Pre-cut parts of 3/8" cabinet-grade plywood
  • Access from all sides via five opening panels
  • Two-room depth
  • Dentil trim, chimney and front steps
  • Hinges and magnets

Component sets, with doors, windows, shingles, trim and more are also available

HW9001 1" Scale Thornhill Shell Kit
46"W x 36"H x 28"D
HW9002 1" Scale Thornhill Component
HWH9001 1/2" Scale Thornhill Shell Kit
23"W x 20"H x 15"D
HWH9002 1/2" Scale Component Set

See Also 1/2" Scale Components 1 - 2

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